What our Clients Say

“Thank you for adding value, interest and an additional way to treat our patients. You have committed to helping us build our practice and we are grateful. You have helped us add 14 patients in the last two weeks!”

Dr. Anthony Edgecombe
Doctor of Chiropractic
Montgomery County Chiropractic Clinic, LLC.

“Sombra products are a staple in my massage practice. The pain relieving gels tackle muscle and joint soreness with a refreshing citrus aroma. My clients love it.”

Chrissy Chew, LMT
The Art of Health, LLC

“Sombra is a powerful and effective physiological adjunct to the chiropractic adjustment, hands down. It increases blood flow and flexibility while helping to reduce pain.”

Dr. Andrew S. Bonci
Doctor of Chiropractic

"Our Elite Athletes and therapists count on the quick and consistent results of Sombra. Not only a wonderful tool for my practice, but also an excellent retail product.”

Dr. Tim Bain
Medical Director for Saddlbrook's
The Athlete's Compound

"I use Sombra daily in my clinics as part of pain management and the citrus aroma is very pleasant. My patients find it very effective.”

Dr. Viviane Renard
Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic

“Sombra is an integral part of my chiropractic adjustments, especially in the athletic world I participate in. Love the way the original gel maintains warmth in the muscle with its deep penetrating heat and the calming relief the cool therapy provides for inflammation and swelling after the workout or event.”

Jeffrey Poplarski, D.C., CCSP®
2013 US OPEN Golf Championship Wellness Team Chairman
Sports & Family Chiropractic

"As a sports medicine professional, I have worked with numerous warm and cool therapy products.  Sombra seems to work best with our athletes when integrated into the pre-workout routine.  Sombra is a great product for both our athletes and clinicians!"

Jill Wosmek, MA, ATC
Women's Head Athletic Trainer
USA Volleyball

“Sombra pain relieving gels provide multi-sport athletes long lasting relief from muscle fatigue and soreness. It also speeds up recovery without an unpleasant odor.” 

Laura Boozer, LMT
N-Touch Therapeutic Massage & Certified ART Provider Ironman Louisville Massage Director

"Thank you for giving me a great tool in Sombra Cool Therapy to enhance my skills as a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist. I use it on all my runners with sore calfs, low back pain and a must for rhomboid and levator scapula pain.”

Laurie Kramp CMT, LMMT, NCBTMB
Medical Touch Massage

"Just came back from the Warrior Games! Your product ROCKS!!! We were fortunate enough to work with the British soldiers as well and everyone we introduced to Sombra just loved it!!!"
Lori-Ann Gallant-Heilborn
Ultimate Sports Massage, LLC

"I thought you should know how awesome your products really are!  I had a client in so much pain he couldn't hold still and was sweating head to toe.  After the massage treatment, I sent him home with a few extra cool therapy packets and he returned the next day seeking more.  I have always loved your products!"

Marina Mahoney, L.M.P.

"My patients trust me as their doctor and I trust SOMBRA. So when my patients ask for the 'good stuff', I give them what I trust, SOMBRA!"

Dr. Matthew W. McReynolds
Doctor of Chiropractic
McReynolds Family Chiropractic

“Sombra is an incredibly versatile tool to both Chiropractic and Massage practices – one that I have personally used as an LMT and D.C. student.” 

Melissa S. Todd
LMT/Chiropractic Student

"Sombra is the best product on the market for pain relief. I was one of the first to use it in Australia and will not be without it. There are many other pain relief gels on the market, but none so user-friendly and effective as Sombra."

Warwick Maxted, BPE
Dip RM
Tranquility Beauty & Massage Retreat

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